Freelancer Spotlight: Oli Gots

Based: London


Dial F:


Twitter: @artistgots


What work do you do in film exhibition / distribution?

Connecting audiences with stories and vice versa. Whether programming, managing festivals or pitching to media, and everything in-between. I’ve done so many film exhibition-related jobs and roles, it’s impossible to use just one word, but ultimately my work’s been about making sure people get introduced to a wholesome and varied cine-diet.


What have you been working on most recently?

I’ve been wearing my PR hat for Human Rights Watch Film Festival (London edition) and my curatorial hat for Cooltsalon’s cooltXchange screenings programme in May. Once a month I also put on my creator’s beret to work on collaborative video project with wonderful visual artist and dear friend of mine, Daria Tchapanova (we already made a book and you can check it out here 


What kind of projects are you interested in working on?

Programming for the new hybrid space, while reviving collective experiences safely and soundly.



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