Freelancer Spotlight: Liz Harkman

Based: Bristol

Dial F:



Twitter: @harkliz


What work do you do in film exhibition / distribution?

My main freelance work at the moment is delivering impact and evaluation for exhibition, film projects. I am also a Business Consultant and Mentor, mostly supporting individuals and organisations with strategy, finance management and fundraising.

What have you been working on most recently?

Since 2019 I’ve been working with Film Hub Midlands to evaluate the Major Programmes seasons including; BFI Blockbusters Comedy Genius and Musicals and Film Feels Obsession and Connected. I will be evaluating Film Feels and the Japan Blockbuster in 2021. I am also working with Film Hub South West on the evaluation for the 2021 New Release Strategy and as a strategic advisor and external assessor. I’m providing evaluation for Film Cymru in Wales on Ffolio, a training programme for creative talent living in Wales without professional experience in audio or film production. I am also a mentor for the Director of a UK Film Festival.

What kind of projects are you interested in working on?

I would be interested in providing more business consultancy to film exhibitors and festivals to support the sector through this crisis and ensure resilience is built into recovery. I am also developing relationships with festivals in Europe to support applications to Creative Europe, Film Festivals Fund, using experience I have gained as an external assessor between 2017-2018, and can provide a similar service for organisations applying to Film Hub, BFI and Arts Council funds. I would also be interested in collaborating with other freelancers to take on bigger contracts, in impact and evaluation.


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