Freelancer Spotlight: Jonny Tull

Based: Newcastle upon Tyne


Dial F:


Twitter: @jonnytull


What work do you do in film exhibition / distribution?

I am a freelance film consultant working in the areas of production, exhibition, and distribution. I work with cinemas and arts venues mainly in the areas of audience development, fundraising, and programming, and my work in distribution sees me work alongside distributors and filmmakers to position films, develop audience strategies and release them into the UK.

My main areas of work are:

• Audience Development
• Programming / bookings
• Distribution
• Data analysis
• Impact campaigns
• Marketing (grassroots and strategy)
• Fundraising


What have you been working on most recently?

In late summer 2020, I have been undertaking audience research for venues reopening post-lockdown, preparing the reopening film programme for a client who opens later in the year, and supporting venues with their applications into the BFI’s Recovery Fund.

In spring 2020 I worked on the release of four new films: the affordable housing crisis documentary PUSH, the outdoor/adventure documentary CLIMBING BLIND, the dance film SEA WITHOUT SHORE and a US drama, CUCK. I am currently preparing my late 2020/early 2021 release plans.

In summer 2020 I conducted the independent cinema sector survey project PRESSING PLAY, which sought to provide insight into the sector’s return to business, following the pandemic.


What kind of projects are you interested in working on?

In exhibition, I like to help organisations find out more about their customers and develop their programme, marketing, and general business offers.

In distribution, I primarily work on independent, specialised or community-led films – both theatrical and non-theatrical. In the coming months I will be exploring full acquisition and release of a film under my own banner for the first time.

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