Dial F: Help develop our Code of Conduct

Have your say and help shape a new code of conduct for freelancers


We have run the workshop now, but you can still provide your insights by completing this survey:



Join us to workshop a new code of conduct for freelancers working in the film exhibition and distribution sector and for the organisations that employ them.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone working in the cinema business but we’re conscious that freelancers have slipped through the net of support more easily than others.

Yet we are acutely aware too of how reliant the exhibition and distribution sector is on the flexible, versatile and multi-skilled talents of freelancers like you and us.

So, in preparation for our Dial F for Freelancer panel session at the upcoming This Way Up conference (1-3 December), we’d like to gather your thoughts on what a code of conduct could and should look like for freelancers.

Auto-captions will be available through Otter.ai – we will provide the link at the start of the meeting. Captions open in a separate window so it’s best for users to be on a laptop or desktop computer, or if using tablets and mobiles, to have a second device so the speakers and captions can be viewed simultaneously. When using breakout rooms, caption readers should stay in the main room.

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