Freelancer Spotlight: Isra Al Kassi

Based: London


Dial F:


Twitter: @tapecollective


What work do you do in film exhibition / distribution?

Curation, host / speaker at panels, audience development, community engagement, and Diversity and Inclusion training including implementing practices and policies to benefit staff and customers.


What have you been working on most recently?

I am currently working as the Community Outreach Officer for Birds’ Eye View and to develop an initiative in London for excluded communities facing barriers during COVID. I also supported with the marketing strategy / press and fundraising ahead of Shasha’s launch, and continue to build on the programme and development of T A P E collective.


What kind of projects are you interested in working on?

I am interested in supporting organisations who are mindful of their communities and are interested in improving elements of their operations or wanting to think outside the box with their outreach / marketing / programming. I also have particular experience in start-ups and supporting the launch of a new project, business or initiative.



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