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I’ve been freelance since late 2018 and despite the challenges I doubt I’ll ever go back. I need the independence of thought, movement and responsibility.
Audience Development, Copywriting, Data, Exhibition, Funding & Grants, Impact, Grassroots/Outreach Marketing, Marketing, Research
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Artist / Audience Development Consultant / Writer

I am an artist with an established studio and emerging teaching practice. I have an ongoing interest in working with others and how artistic practice and creativity can enrich our lives.

I am also a skilled and respected creative consultant with substantial experience in the film exhibition and public funding sector.

A recent HR scandal in the UK independent cinema sector has caused me to revisit my own employment experiences of bullying and harassment and to campaign publicly for staff and audience welfare.

Proud member of:

Sheffield Creative Guild

Art Fund

an artist company

Bloc Projects

Dial F for Freelancer

Reclaim The Frame

Reclaim The Frame / Super Influencer for Sheffield (from April 2019 to September 2020)
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I loved working with Birds’ Eye View on Reclaim The Frame. I’ve always been into the promotional importance of audience development alongside the programming. If you don’t dedicate time and talent to find people they won’t know they’re your audience.

Mia, Jo, Cristina and Simone are amazing colleagues. I will never forget them reaching out to their freelance network at the onset of lockdown to offer regular work and peer support.

Sea Change / Lab Producer for Screen Argyll (from December 2018 to October 2019)
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The wonderful Jen Skinner (Screen Argyll) approached me wonderfully soon after becoming a freelancer to continue working on her dream venture - Sea Change. I’d been part of her team whilst PAYE as a partner/supporter/evaluator and was thrilled to produce her Development Lab for 2019. The resulting network I remain part of has powered me along ever since.

Wendy Cook, Head of Cinema at Hyde Park Picture House says

“Anna is an exceptional colleague with two distinctly different yet complimentary skillsets as a practicing ceramic artist and a strategic thinker operating at a high level in the creative industries.

It has been in that strategic organisational capacity that I came to know Anna initially when she was the Manager of Film Hub North then in a variety of different freelance roles. As a co-ordinator and facilitator for initiatives like Sea Change and Birds Eye View Anna has displayed what I think is the most important of ambitions, to take her voice and her intelligence, with all the insight and eloquence that she has crafted over the years, and using it to lift up others so that they might be heard. Whether geared towards the artist filmmaker, the industry professional or the audience member Anna is skilled at adapting and evolving her approach while never compromising her own skill.”